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Truck Inspection Stations – When to enter

You’ve rented a truck from Bristol, now you’re driving along the highway and there’s a truck inspection station ahead with the lights flashing to enter, what do you do? A lot of renters are not sure if they need to enter or not.  We’ve made a simple list of those Bristol vehicles that are required to enter for you.

Here are the Bristol vehicles that are REQUIRED to enter truck inspection/weigh stations:

Vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 4,500 kgs or more that are being used for business/commercial use.
For our Bristol fleet that includes;

  1.  Business or commercial use of 20 and 24 foot straight trucks
  2.  Business or commercial use 20 and 24 foot flatbed trucks
  3.  Business or commercial use of 18 and 20 foot refrigerated trucks
  4.  Business or commercial use of 1 ton pick up trucks – all Dodge Ram 3500s and Ford F350s

Renters must note that anyone renting any of the above vehicles for business/commercial reasons MUST posses their own CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration) number.

Here’s Bristol trucks that are NOT REQUIRED to enter truck inspection/weigh stations:

  1. Personal/Residential Moves using a 20 and 24 foot trucks
  2. Personal/Residential Moves/Business/Commercial use of a Cube van
  3. Personal/Residential Moves/Business/Commercial use of a Cargo van
  4. Personal/Residential Moves/Business/Commercial use of a 1 ton, 1/2 ton and 1/4 ton pick up trucks (example Ford F150 and F250)
  5. Personal Use/Residential Moves use of a 1 ton pick truck
  6. Passenger Van Rental (11 & 15 passenger buses)

What Documents are required for an inspection station?

  1. Bristol rental agreement
  2. Valid driver’s license
  3. Vehicle registration
  4. Valid insurance slip
  5. Vehicle safety document
  6. Renter’s CVOR if being used for business purposes
  7. Daily log book (maybe exempt if driven less than 160 kms radius of start of the day and return the same location at the end of the day)