Save 10% off pick up truck, cube van, and cargo van rentals. Use rate code: APRIL10
Save 10% off pick up truck, cube van, and cargo van rentals. Use rate code: APRIL10
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Peace of Mind Rental Coverage

Bristol’s Platinum Plus Coverage+ offers driving a rental vehicle with peace of mind.

Renting a vehicle can be stressful.  Like many that rent a vehicle, you were not planning on it at all that day.  You were either involved in an accident, now your car is in the shop, or you brought your car in for some mechanical repairs and now it will be in for a few days.  Either way, you are now driving a vehicle that’s not your own, and you’re in unfamiliar territory with rental coverage.

In many cases your own collision coverage may transfer over to the rental vehicle while your vehicle is in the shop.  However, there are many minor incidents or damages that may can happen while you drive the rental that your insurance company will not cover.  Therefore, Bristol Car and Truck Rentals has coverage for that gap between what your insurance company will cover and where you’re left responsible upon returning the rental. This is where Bristol’s Platinum Plus+ coverages comes in!

For just $5.99 per day Platinum Plus+ covers the leading causes of damage to rental vehicles;

  • Windshield chips, damage, and replacement up to $500.00
  • Minor dents and scratches up to $500.00
  • Tire damage up to $500.00
  • Broken headlights/rear lights up to $500.00
  • Broken or damaged side mirrors up to $500.00
  • And, for extra protection, if you are involved in an accident with the rental Platinum Plus+ will cover your own deductible up to $500.00!

Platinum Plus+ is the most popular coverage taken by our customers.  It offers our customers the greatest value in rental coverage and comes with, priceless “Peace of Mind”.