Special Rental Deal: Fall Weekend Special Compact & Midsize Cars just $60/day*
Special Rental Deal:
Weekend Compact or Midsize Cars
Only $60/day*
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Why Renting Is Better Than Buying!

Why Buy When You Can Rent!

Businesses always struggle with whether they should invest in purchasing or signing a long-term vehicle leases vs. renting, no matter their size. There are some real upsides to renting trucks for your business. Here’s a few of the advantages of why renting is likely the perfect solution!

Frees Up Capital Finances

No need to add that depreciating asset to the books! By renting, it frees up those finances to invest in more of your products, people, and technologies that keep growing your business.

No Maintenance Fees

That’s right! No more booking those maintenance appointments and taking care of the bills. By renting a truck the maintenance costs are taken care of for you. This includes licensing of the vehicles and annual safety inspections!

Flexible Fleet Size

Business needs change and change quickly! You may have a seasonal business or going through a busy time. This is when renting really works in your favour! With no long-term commitments, you can scale up your fleet temporarily to meet your needs. It also works when your business slows down and you need to scale down quickly. Renting takes the headaches away of being stuck in a lease or trying to sell your fleet fast and worrying about residual values, you simply return the rental truck.