Special Rental Deal: Fall Weekend Special Compact & Midsize Cars just $60/day*
Special Rental Deal:
Weekend Compact or Midsize Cars
Only $60/day*
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Shop Canadian, Shop Local

Bristol is proud to be 100% Canadian car and truck rental company. Our slogan has always been…Canadian Owned…Canadian Driven! We recognized how significant it was then and now more than ever it’s imperative that we all support Canadian owned businesses.
Why does this matter?
  • Local businesses are the largest supporter of local charities, local events, sporting teams and sponsorships.
  • Keeping local businesses vibrant creates better services locally all around in a community.
  • Retains more employment locally.
  • The taxes paid by local businesses are significantly more than those paid by corporations. In turn, this is what supports the operation of our hospitals, public works, emergency workers, and education.
  • Profits stay local and are then invested locally, not internationally!
All around supporting local business is a win-win for everyone. Besides, it makes you feel good and we all need that right now.
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