Bristol Turns 25!

Though Bristol Car and Truck Rentals itself dates back further than 25 years, our current owners, the Kesten Family, are pleased to be celebrating their 25th year anniversary in 2017. We thank all of our incredible returning and new customers for being apart of our continued success.

Bristol Rentals Ltd. has been renting vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area since 1992.  Bristol has fostered a reputation for honesty, integrity, customer service, and vehicle reliability.  Originally a truck rental business, it expanded to add car rentals at many of its 10 operating locations, along with a full line of commercial trucks, refrigerated trucks, trailers and passenger vans.

Bristol is a neighbourhood vehicle rental supplier, serving local communities throughout the GTA.  We have locations in Orangeville, Bolton, Milton, Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Scarborough and our latest addition, Fergus.  Our managers are long-term employees that are experienced, capable and friendly, and pride themselves on participating in their communities and getting to know their neighbours.  We look forward to you driving with us, whatever your vehicle needs.

It continues to be an exciting industry to be apart of, and we are excited and look forward to the years ahead, thank you!

Bristol Wins Platinum Award in Milton

Thank you, Milton, for awarding us Platinum for Favourite Rental Company in Milton, Ontario for 2016 in the Champion’s Choice Awards.
We are very proud to be apart of this amazing community and enjoy serving the residents of Milton each day.
We will display this plaque with pride in our customer lobby, and are looking forward to assisting you with your rental needs in 2017.





2016 Holiday Hours

December 24th – Closing at Noon
December 25th – Closed
December 26th – Closed
December 27th – Closed
December 31st – Closing at Noon
January 1st – Closed
January 2nd – Closed except for our Brampton Car location.  It will be opened January 2nd from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.




New Location Opening – Fergus, ON

Open for Business Sign

We are now open for business in Fergus, ON!
You can find us at 935 St. David Street N.
It is located north of Walmart on St. David (Hwy#6) at Sideroad #19, in the Ultra Mart gas station.

Call us at (519) 843-7878

About our new location:

As the owner of Blinkhorn Motors Ltd., Rob Blinkhorn has proudly served Fergus and neighbouring communities, renting cars and truck for over 20 years.  In August 2016, Fergus became Bristol’s newest location in Ontario, offering an exceptional new fleet of rental vehicles to Rob’s devoted customers.

As a family-owned and operated business since 1977, Blinkhorn Motors Ltd. evolved from a new-car dealership to a reputable automotive repair facility, gas bar, and variety store.  Ask anyone around town and they will tell you that “Blinkhorn’s” is synonymous with service excellence.  Rob and his team are customer-focused, always going above and beyond to accommodate individual needs.

Outside of business, Rob loves to spend all seasons at his Blue Mountain chalet, playing golf in the summer and skiing in the winter with his wife Paula, riding this motorcycle, and experiencing fun adventures with his three grandchildren.





Bristol Language Translators Available

Languages image

We are proud to inform all of our customers that we have staff members throughout our company that can speak the following languages, to assist in making rental arrangements;

and of course, English

The Many Uses of a Refrigerated Rental Truck

Not only do our customers rent refrigerated trucks to transport and deliver their goods, we have amazing, creative clients that rent refrigerated trucks from Bristol for marketing and promotional events.

This one last week was incredibly impressive!  Our clients completely wrapped our truck with their own decals and turned the refrigerated unit into a stylish, upscale butcher shoppe in Downtown Toronto.

Check out the pictures from their event…

FB 2 FB 4.FB 1FB 3



New Summer Hours

We know there’s only so many weekends in the summer and there’s always so much to do.  We have extended our business hours on Saturdays to help you accomplish your projects.

All of our truck locations have extended their business hours on Saturdays until 3:00 p.m. and our Brampton Car Centre and Downtown Toronto locations are now opened until 4:00 p.m.!
This makes pick up and drop off even more convenient with Bristol.






Moving Tips



Plan Ahead

Packing a rental truck has been compared to playing a game of real life Tetris, trying your best not to turn it into a game Jenja! So be sure you are not leaving any open spaces to allow for shifting or moving of boxes causing them to fall during transport. Be sure all boxes are labelled to which room they go to and if they’re fragile.  Know which boxes are heaviest to lightest before packing the truck, therefore heaviest ones can go on the bottom, with lightest stacked on top.

Handy Tip – take pictures of all your computer wires, tv wires, or complicated appliances at your currently residence. Then come moving day, you can refer to these pictures for quick set up!

Buy Moving Boxes and Supplies

Having moving boxes of all the same size makes for much easier stacking. Bubble wrap is not just for popping…it saves your most valuable of possessions. Purchasing plain newsprint for wrapping causes less mess and won’t leave behind ink on your dishes and breakables. For a nominal rental fee, renting dollies for appliances and boxes takes away many multiple trips back and forth to the rental truck, on an already exhausting day.  Rent a dolly, it’s worth the investment.

Distribute Contents Evenly

This is a must!  It makes for easier loading and unloading, but more importantly makes driving the truck easier and safer.  Fill any gaps between furniture and appliance with smaller boxes. Take a step back after each layer to see if items can be packed tighter.

Appliances First or Last?

Movers are split on which practice is best. Some believe packing them first ensures you have the room for them all. Others believe stacking all your boxes in first, up against the backdoor of the truck will create a neatly stacked wall capitalizing on as much space as possible, either way can be effective. We suggest that if you have a gas fitter or plumber coming to your new place on moving day to install your appliance, put the appliance in last, this way the appliances come off the truck first. This way allows for your installers can get to work as you are unloaded all other items.

Mattresses and Box Springs

These big items should be used to line the side walls of the truck to maximize space.

Disassembling of Furniture

If space is an issue, disassembling all tables and bed frames before loading them on the truck. Tip – place all hardware for each furniture item in a plastic bag, then tape the bag to the headboards or tables for easy re-assembly.


Don’t pack empty ones, fill them!  Also, depending on how long a move you are making, packing suitcases as an overnight bag is a great idea. Pack them with towels, toiletries, and fresh clothing this way once you get to your new home you can easily get ready for another day without having to unpack all your boxes at once.


If possible, and if not too heavy, keep clothing in dressers, and tape drawers shut.  Wrapping dressers with blankets once in the truck is a good idea to prevent scratches.

Fragile and Odd Shaped Items

These odd shapes items like lamp shades etc., should be positioned on the truck last and on top, and secured with ties.


Items like daily medications, heirlooms, jewelry and important documents should stay with you in either the front of the truck or with you in the car while driving to your new home.  This way, they won’t get mixed up with all your other items, and you know where they are at all times.

Other Quick Tips

  • Pack couches on their ends, if possible. Couches packed on the truck horizontally take up a lot more trucks space. Tie them to the sides of the truck.
  • Rugs – roll them up, tightly and tape them up. You may want to pack these in the truck after the furniture. That way they come off the truck before the furniture so you’re not having to move the furniture again at the new house to make way for the rugs.
  • Televisions and monitors – the back of these are just as important as the front, wrap them both.
  • Mirrors and Glass – after wrapping in bubble wrap, these can be placed in between mattress and box springs in the truck for additional protection.
  • Bookcases – once loaded on the truck, maximize space by stacking smaller boxes on their shelves.
  • Artwork – bubble wrap, bubble wrap…also tape the hanging hardware to the back of artwork and pictures. This goes for curtain rods too, put hardware in a bag and tape it to the rod.
  • Tape all cords to the back of all small and large appliances.
  • All-purpose tools – keep some of the tools for assembling your furniture handy, like in the glove box of the rental truck.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough tips to make moving day a lot less stressful. Congratulations, and enjoy your new home!

New Appointment Announcement

There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching an employee grow.  We are excited to announce the promotion of Curtis Henry to Assistant Manager of our Orangeville location.
Curtis has been with our company since 2007.  His hard work, dedication, and excellent understanding of true customer service has moved him up the ranks and has afforded him this new opportunity.

Read Curtis’ bio and his new contact information here – Orangeville Location.