The Winners are…

Thanks so all the locations that participated in this year’s Pumpkin Carving Contest.  I know you are all busy running the day-to-day operations and this was an added task for you.  I hope you all had some fun doing it, got you working as a team, and that it got some creative juices flowing as well.


First Place receives a $50 Gift Card to buy lunch for your location and bragging rights.
2nd Place and 3rd places receive a $25 Tim Horton’s Gift Card.
Additionally, all locations that participated receive a $10 Tim Horton’s Gift Card to buy coffees for your office.
Prizes will be sent out to your location via inter-office mail this week!

First Place – Brampton Truck Centre – $50 Gift Card 

Brampton Truck Centre Pumpkin

Second Place – Bolton – $25 Gift Card 

Bolton’s Pumpkin

Third Place – Fergus – $25 Gift Card

Fergus’s Pumpkin

All other Entries receive a $10 Gift Card

Richmond Hill’s Pumpkin

Toronto’s Pumpkin

Pickering’s Pumpkin

Markham’s Pumpkin

Scarborough’s Pumpkin

Orangeville’s Pumpkin

Brampton South’s Pumpkin

Bramalea’s Pumpkin